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Are rupture discs causing pain in your plant?

Discuss your business needs with the pressure experts at Oseco. We will provide you with information on our patent-pending technology that may reduce leak paths in your plant by half or more. 

Change the face of pressure management in your plant.  

Meet the next generation of rupture discs:

- Eliminates leak paths

- Eliminates installation errors

- Eliminates torque issues


Introducing the Oseco Safety Cartridge®

Many plants share common pain points related to the installation and maintenance of rupture disc assemblies. The good news is these familiar issues have solutions that are easy to implement without incurring major expenses or time requirements.

- Hermetically sealed design eliminates leak paths

- Fully integrated holder-disc eliminates installation errors

- One-piece assembly eliminates torque issues

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Reduce Leak Paths In Your Plant

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The Oseco Safety Cartridge:

Rupture disc problems such as misalignment of piping, improper torque, and lack of training lead to leakage and other inefficiences in your plant are in the past with the modern one-piece solution from Oseco.

Meet the next generation of rupture discs

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