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Pressure in upstream completions can be a hazard to human safety, costly well completion equipment, and productivity.

New technology provides a fail-safe alternative to legacy pressure management equipment resulting in improved safety and efficiency in upstream completion.

Energy companies from across the world come to Oseco for pressure management technology, training, and processes. Some of the most common oilfield safety questions asked are:

A service company's ability to manage extreme variance in pressures within completions is a critical component to:

It all comes down to pressure in upstream oil and gas well completion

Pressure spikes are caused by a sudden change in flow. Starting a pump or closing a valve can be all that it takes to raise pressure several times more than normal operating conditions.

These common occurrences can cause damage and loss of production time if pressure relief technology is not fast enough or installed properly.

Pressure Spikes and Maximum Overpressure Protection

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In August 2016 a service company almost half way through a high rate pressure job when without notice, a screen out occurred, sending the pressure soaring above the MAWP which was established at 8,900 psi. While the pumps were staggered to handle any pressure spikes, the slow reaction time created an overpressure event.

The pressure spike was terminated by the Oseco Safety Plug engineered as a fuse to activate at 9,400 psi. Pressure was safely relieved and catastrophic asset failure was prevented. Pressure never exceed 9,400 psi.

Notably, the nitrogen valve never activated...

Oilfield Solutions

Rendering of Oseco oilfield solutions for oil and gas operations upstream in oil and gas

Solving Upstream Completions Problems with the Oseco Safety Plug

The Oseco Safety Plug is primarily used for well protection and high pressure lines protecting against catastrophic failure of well casings against pressure variants or spikes. The advanced technology outperforms common spring and gas valves in four major areas:

Graph of performance of the Oseco Well Casing Safety Plug for use when drilling for oil and gas with oil and gas valves.

In 2016, a prominent energy company contacted Oseco for assistance managing pressure in the upstream operation. Their crews were experiencing up to three activations a week.

Working with Oseco, it was discovered the ultimate root cause was a water hammer effect from opening an isolation plug valve to the safety plug with 3,000 psi behind it.

The solution was to bleed pressure to <1000 psi before opening the valve.

Since the change ...

Oil & Gas

Oseco, oil and gas equipment manufacturers specializing in pressure management of upstream well completion
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Meet Our Consultants: Pressure Management Experts in Completion Operations

The right technology and processes solve pressure concerns improving safety, reducing downtime, and cutting operational costs.

  • Providing a safe work environment in well completions

  • Reducing downtime and shortening upstream completion timelines

  • Protecting the well casing integrity


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Reduce Downtime & N.P.T.


Well Casing Protection






Pressure variances can be an obstacle throughout the entire upstream process. At any of these points there are safety risks and opportunities to lose profits due to inefficiency. Identify all of the areas in your process that will benefit from improved pressure management technology.

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Case Study: Permian Basin

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Oseco has solutions to the many aspects of pressure management in upstream completion.

Many aspects of pressure management are misunderstood providing opportunities for those companies who learn the solutions to outperform their competitors.

Watch this video to see some of the areas onsite where your existing pressure relief technology can be updated with faster-acting solutions that increase productivity.


Infographic: Is Your Well Safe?

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Oseco oil equipment company specializing in pressure technology for upstream well completion

Case Study: Colorado

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Why do tolerances matter in upstream completions?

How fast do pressure spikes occur?

How can a pressure relief device act like a fuse to protect assets?

What process changes will reduce costs in well completions?

How can process improvements be identified to decrease downtime in well completions? 

White Paper - Pressure Management In Upstream Completion

By working in a similar fashion to a fuse in electrical engineering, the Oseco Safety Plug for well protection activates in just .004 seconds eliminating the overpresurrization found in other devices used under the same conditions.

The Oseco Safety Plug reduces average rig-up time by at least 30 minutes compared to valve technology.

Manufactured to meet certification codes for ASME section 8 and API 520 to ensure a precise and consistent burst pressure.

Oilfield Safety

Eliminating NPT and Setup Time In Oil and Gas Wells

No maintenance, repairs or logistics of valve technology.


Reducing Direct Costs

Where Are The Pressure Management Needs In Upstream Completions?

Pressure Management in Upstream Completions